Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bliss is....

Crossing the state line to home.

Washington already seems a million miles away. Not in a bad way - it was a wonderful chapter of my life story. I left it exactly the way I wanted, and I feel like it was wrapped up and tied with a bow (and, one of John’s set of Godparents lives there, so well still have our connection!).

But - the closer I got to Georgia, the more relaxed I felt. I suppose its probably this way for everyone who returns back to what is familiar to them. Its like getting back into your favorite worn in jeans. There comes that second when you breathe a little easier and you just know .... youre back where you belong. I guess I didnt realize I felt out of place for so long.

So, after a lot of trip time with the husband - seeing snow, mountains, lots of cows, family time, another baby shower,  tornados and many friends along the way! - Im off today for some time with my bestest (and one of John’s Godparents ... yes he has two sets.) to meet my sons future BFF Devin. Excellence is having a baby just 6 months apart from your best friend, and them both being the same sex.

And of course there is this guy:

Hes got his Daddys nose, his big brother’s protection and a third of his mommas heart. Life is good.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Close this door.

In the famous words of LC ....

I WANT to forgive you - and then, I want to forget you.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Absolute Baby Shower WIN!

Wonderful baby shower with amazing people. This baby is set for his/her birth (but well let it cook just a bit longer ...) and already spoiled rotten. Perfect way to exit the building.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

So little to do, and so much time to do it!

No - strike that. Reverse it.

Baby showers, and goodbye parties, packers come Monday ..... its about that time! Lets do this!

Friday, April 1, 2011

So ....

So busy right now!!

My last real day of work was Thursday .... surprisingly, Im not all that sad about it, at least not right now.  I will miss the people, and I know when Im sitting in Georgia looking at the wall I'll miss the fulfillment that my career brought me. But, I suppose, I've done negative in the past and it never worked in my favor! So, Im choosing to be happy (although a bit apprehensive) about the journey that were on. Ill still be part time until the 14th, which is when Ill go in, get my things, collect my last check and say farewell to the working world (at least for the time being - Im sure Ill go back as soon as its a possibility!).

Also, weve been spending maximum time with our friends. Its funny to see how many people we have here that love us (or at least tolerate us for short periods of time ....). For a bit I was wrapped up in one person who thought I was "bad". I admit, it skewed my vision of not just myself, but those around me. This time has shown me that we are surrounded by so much love that anything opposite of that is the exception - not the rule. So goodbye dinners, baby showers, last parties, ect have been the way weve spent our weeks .... and I wouldnt have it any other way. Compared to this place GA is going to be awfully lonely for a bit. But we did it here, and well do it there - it might take some time and some patience, but well get it. Not to mention, everyone is leaving here anyways!

And last (but not least) baby Pinecone seems to be doing well (though I have no real medical basis for this claim). The Doppler monitor has been a lifesaver in between doctors visits - if nothing else, I know we still have a beating heart in there. Everything else, we can work with. Just 22 days until we find out what sort of flavor were brewing in there, so weve been praying to Jesus daily for a boy. I just dont think Im cut out to have a girl. Can you imagine a mini me? Exactly.