Friday, July 29, 2011

Leveling .... out ...

I sort of feel like the last week was hitting the max point of stress, and now it seems like things are leveling down.

- After speaking with my midwife again (who is redeeming herself) she assures me that Im getting a lot of information, but Im also getting information on a lot of “if this ...”. Meaning, the info I have is based on IF this happens, THEN this will happen. She let me know that since we look like were on a good track that I need to calm down and trust in my body. She also told me Im high strung, which .... not the first time Ive heard this.

- In a strange way, this really uneasy feeling that Ive had since I started this pregnancy has subsided. I wonder if my tendency to have things found wrong (and then freak out about them) came from my total convincing inside myself that something WAS wrong. Maybe I was giving myself really bad juju. Maybe I should try re-fucking-laxing for a week and seeing if that doesnt promote some healthier living. Body and mind.

All around, its starting to calm down here, as in, Im adjusting. It was harder than I thought at first - I guess I thought wed walk right back into our old life. That was a bit silly, as we are 3 hours and 4 years away from what used to be.  But, there are wonderful things in its own right.

- First, I have to stop and realize how blessed I am that Allens been able to be here from the positive test until the birth of this baby. I always figured that it wouldnt matter much if he were around for the pregnancy, but now I realize that (even if we would have done whatever we had to do) it sure has been nice to have him here - especially during the time when everything has been wrong, or been scary, or during the times when we were facing the unknown. I cant speak for how parenting will affect us, but the pregnancy has definitely moved us to a new place in our marriage.

- Yay Blogger for your autosave! I totally clicked off the page, but it was saved.

- Anyhow, we also went to our first official playdate on Wednesday. I approached it cautiously as you really just never know what youll walk into when you do these things. To my pleasant surprise the room was full of mommies who were really cool, everyone got along, the kids were well behaved, and some babies were there too. We are definitely going back next week :)

To wrap it up, this lady was just on Dr. Phil and is definitely winning.

She was fined and got a suspended jail sentence, but Mona Shaw says she has no regrets about using a hammer to vent her frustration at a cable company.
"I stand by my actions even more so after getting all these telephone calls and hearing other people's complaints," she told The Associated Press in an interview Friday.
Shaw, 75, and her husband, Don, say they had an appointment in August for a Comcast technician to come to their Bristow home to install the company's heavily advertised Triple Play phone, Internet and cable service.
The Shaws say no one came all day, and the technician who showed up two days later left without finishing the setup. Two days after that, Comcast cut off all their service.
At the Comcast office in Manassas later that day, they waited for a manager for two hours before being told the manager had left for the day, the Shaws say.
Shaw, a churchgoing secretary of the local AARP branch, returned the next Monday _ with a hammer.
"I smashed a keyboard, knocked over a monitor ... and I went to hit the telephone," Shaw said. "I figured, 'Hey, my telephone is screwed up, so is yours.’”

Comcast Corp., the nation's largest cable company, disputes Shaw's version of its customer service record and calls Shaw's hammer fit on Aug. 20 an "inappropriate situation."
"Nothing justifies this sort of dangerous behavior," Comcast spokeswoman Beth Bacha said.
Police arrested Shaw for disorderly conduct. She received a three-month suspended sentence, was fined $345 and and is barred from going near the Comcast offices for a year.
The Shaws did eventually get phone and television service _ with Verizon and DirecTV.
She said many people have called her a hero. "But no, I'm just an old lady who got mad. I had a hissy fit," she said.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

Apparently Versa is Latin, and it means to turn ..

Which is fitting, as we TURNED over the Mercedes (thank you God).

Dont get me wrong ... that thing served us well while we had it. Weve always tended to have older cars, as A) its cheaper and B) Allen can work on most cars that arent this newfangled computer motherboard BS.
Its just always made more sense to save money on car payments and repairs.

Unfortunately, as naughty old cars are wont to do, that means that youre going to pay to fix something. The problem is, when youre paying to fix a Mercedes its ALWAYS going to be more than you think you should. Also, coming to Georgia was killer because this German car had a shit fit in the heat. The radiator went, the water pump about melted .... it was a mess.

Not to mention that where we live is a decent trek from post (about 20 miles from door to door to Allen’s company but it doesnt seem as bad as it sounds ....). At 15 MPG thats enough to make you want to kick puppies. Tracking our budget for the month of July we hit $184 in gas BEFORE THE 15TH! Thats when I said enough is enough .... were gonna have to go green.

So this is our new ride ... its a 2011 Versa, which isnt fancy one bit. But at an average of 36 MPG with a 3 year warranty? Ill take it. 

We still, unfortunately, have the damn Blazer (this was a fight that Ive lost over and over again). Allen says we HAVE TO HAVE A TRUCK. Im sure we do .... in its 15 MPG glory, it gets used all of once a month for something we “need” a truck for. No worries ... this is the next fight I plan on winning. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Holding Out on the Jellybeans

This was me today (obviously not really me, but I dont have Krista here to photoshop my head on this persons body, so lets pretend) as I took my three hour glucose test. Failing the one hour by three FUCKING points was pretty NOT awesome. However, if you have to drink a bunch of nasty orange syrup and then get 4 things of blood drawn, this lab wasnt a bad place to do it. 

The birth center did my one hour, but sent me out for the 3. Momma was still here so she went with me, but they gave us a little room with recliner chairs and a DVD player so it wasnt so bad. I felt like I was going to vomit for SURE during the first half hour, but I managed to fall asleep and when I woke up for the blood draw I felt okay again. The rest of the time I didnt feel sick at all. Im HOPING this means I dont have GD. But, if I do Im sticking to the diet .... hello 16 pound baby?! Negative

However, now I hear that for years theyve known they can just give you 18 jellybeans in place of the glucose syrup and it DOES THE SAME DAMN THING. Im now really mad because I love jellybeans.

That looks much better.

In closing, doctors need to get on that shit and start serving up some jellybellys. 

Also, rounding out to 31 weeks. Hopefully only 8ish to go, but babies come when babies come - there will be NO pushing this little man out before his time. Unless he hits 17 pounds, in which case by all means, cut me open and dive in. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

I bet if I had 19 kids Id have something to do.

The honest truth of the matter is .... Im bored shitless.

I remember this time last year - I had just gotten a great job, my husband was on the way home, Devon was there and life was pretty much at the top of its game. Here we are a year later, and its not that life isnt great ... its just really boring right now.

I clean a lot. Im really crappy at cleaning though - Im not going to lie. I Facebook WAY more than anyone ever should. I spend a lot of time calculating what I could do with that fucking student loan payment I shell out every month (and I do mean a LOT of time .... should have gotten a PhD in getting knocked up, that would have been easier). I assume things are going to change when I spit this kid out, but for now I want to tell all of you who say being a housewife is hard work ..... YOU LIE.

Maybe thats the point? Maybe there is some secret union of housewives who all got together and were like “Okay guys ... were gonna tell everyone this is the hardest job EVER so not everyone wants to do it, and then they all think were busting our asses when were really just getting a lot of coffees and watching Dr. Phil”? Or maybe Im just doing this shit ALL wrong and if I DID have a boss hed be all “bitch you are fired IMMEDIATELY”?

I know once John gets here Ill be busy. Its just determining what Im supposed to do in the interim time BESIDES CLEAN. Im sick of fucking cleaning. And how 3 of us can destroy an ENTIRE HOUSE in one day is a blog for another time. I cant wait until we throw a toddler into the mix, then Im NEVER going to go back to work. One 8 hour shift and itll look like Hoarders took over.

Anyhow. I bet if I had 19 kids I wouldnt be bored at home. But my vagina cringes at the thought of it.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Im nuts

I had my first “real” contraction yesterday (likely the result of walking a mile, seeing the Zac Brown Band, walking a mile back .... but it was  a FANTASTIC 4th with friends and the first weve had together in 3 years .... so it was worth it) and I remembered something.

That shit HURTS.

So Im totally crazy for going natural. Batshit nuts. Im probably going to have more than one Ricki Lake moment .... but Im still going to do it. For a lot of reasons, but none as much as the fact that Im as stubborn as they come.

AND the needle in my back TOTALLY creeps me out.

Only 7 - 11 weeks (or more, depending on baby!) until we get to meet our baby. The closer it gets the more excited I get!