Friday, July 8, 2011

I bet if I had 19 kids Id have something to do.

The honest truth of the matter is .... Im bored shitless.

I remember this time last year - I had just gotten a great job, my husband was on the way home, Devon was there and life was pretty much at the top of its game. Here we are a year later, and its not that life isnt great ... its just really boring right now.

I clean a lot. Im really crappy at cleaning though - Im not going to lie. I Facebook WAY more than anyone ever should. I spend a lot of time calculating what I could do with that fucking student loan payment I shell out every month (and I do mean a LOT of time .... should have gotten a PhD in getting knocked up, that would have been easier). I assume things are going to change when I spit this kid out, but for now I want to tell all of you who say being a housewife is hard work ..... YOU LIE.

Maybe thats the point? Maybe there is some secret union of housewives who all got together and were like “Okay guys ... were gonna tell everyone this is the hardest job EVER so not everyone wants to do it, and then they all think were busting our asses when were really just getting a lot of coffees and watching Dr. Phil”? Or maybe Im just doing this shit ALL wrong and if I DID have a boss hed be all “bitch you are fired IMMEDIATELY”?

I know once John gets here Ill be busy. Its just determining what Im supposed to do in the interim time BESIDES CLEAN. Im sick of fucking cleaning. And how 3 of us can destroy an ENTIRE HOUSE in one day is a blog for another time. I cant wait until we throw a toddler into the mix, then Im NEVER going to go back to work. One 8 hour shift and itll look like Hoarders took over.

Anyhow. I bet if I had 19 kids I wouldnt be bored at home. But my vagina cringes at the thought of it.

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