Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Holding Out on the Jellybeans

This was me today (obviously not really me, but I dont have Krista here to photoshop my head on this persons body, so lets pretend) as I took my three hour glucose test. Failing the one hour by three FUCKING points was pretty NOT awesome. However, if you have to drink a bunch of nasty orange syrup and then get 4 things of blood drawn, this lab wasnt a bad place to do it. 

The birth center did my one hour, but sent me out for the 3. Momma was still here so she went with me, but they gave us a little room with recliner chairs and a DVD player so it wasnt so bad. I felt like I was going to vomit for SURE during the first half hour, but I managed to fall asleep and when I woke up for the blood draw I felt okay again. The rest of the time I didnt feel sick at all. Im HOPING this means I dont have GD. But, if I do Im sticking to the diet .... hello 16 pound baby?! Negative

However, now I hear that for years theyve known they can just give you 18 jellybeans in place of the glucose syrup and it DOES THE SAME DAMN THING. Im now really mad because I love jellybeans.

That looks much better.

In closing, doctors need to get on that shit and start serving up some jellybellys. 

Also, rounding out to 31 weeks. Hopefully only 8ish to go, but babies come when babies come - there will be NO pushing this little man out before his time. Unless he hits 17 pounds, in which case by all means, cut me open and dive in. 

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