Monday, July 18, 2011

Apparently Versa is Latin, and it means to turn ..

Which is fitting, as we TURNED over the Mercedes (thank you God).

Dont get me wrong ... that thing served us well while we had it. Weve always tended to have older cars, as A) its cheaper and B) Allen can work on most cars that arent this newfangled computer motherboard BS.
Its just always made more sense to save money on car payments and repairs.

Unfortunately, as naughty old cars are wont to do, that means that youre going to pay to fix something. The problem is, when youre paying to fix a Mercedes its ALWAYS going to be more than you think you should. Also, coming to Georgia was killer because this German car had a shit fit in the heat. The radiator went, the water pump about melted .... it was a mess.

Not to mention that where we live is a decent trek from post (about 20 miles from door to door to Allen’s company but it doesnt seem as bad as it sounds ....). At 15 MPG thats enough to make you want to kick puppies. Tracking our budget for the month of July we hit $184 in gas BEFORE THE 15TH! Thats when I said enough is enough .... were gonna have to go green.

So this is our new ride ... its a 2011 Versa, which isnt fancy one bit. But at an average of 36 MPG with a 3 year warranty? Ill take it. 

We still, unfortunately, have the damn Blazer (this was a fight that Ive lost over and over again). Allen says we HAVE TO HAVE A TRUCK. Im sure we do .... in its 15 MPG glory, it gets used all of once a month for something we “need” a truck for. No worries ... this is the next fight I plan on winning. 

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