Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bliss is....

Crossing the state line to home.

Washington already seems a million miles away. Not in a bad way - it was a wonderful chapter of my life story. I left it exactly the way I wanted, and I feel like it was wrapped up and tied with a bow (and, one of John’s set of Godparents lives there, so well still have our connection!).

But - the closer I got to Georgia, the more relaxed I felt. I suppose its probably this way for everyone who returns back to what is familiar to them. Its like getting back into your favorite worn in jeans. There comes that second when you breathe a little easier and you just know .... youre back where you belong. I guess I didnt realize I felt out of place for so long.

So, after a lot of trip time with the husband - seeing snow, mountains, lots of cows, family time, another baby shower,  tornados and many friends along the way! - Im off today for some time with my bestest (and one of John’s Godparents ... yes he has two sets.) to meet my sons future BFF Devin. Excellence is having a baby just 6 months apart from your best friend, and them both being the same sex.

And of course there is this guy:

Hes got his Daddys nose, his big brother’s protection and a third of his mommas heart. Life is good.

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