Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

We have finally reached our destination, bought and moved into our home, and even have cable and shit now. As Im posting this the movers are throwing all of our shit in the house around me.

There is no one more careless than Army movers. Apparently they know that they are getting paid regardless, so they pretty much just break whatever they want. So far we have two destroyed bookcases, a fishing pole, and our damn chimnea which pisses me off to no end. I really liked that thing, and despite the fact that Georgia in the summer isnt exactly ideal for fires .... its the fact.

However, it feels amazing to see all of our old stuff in our new home. And the fact that its THIS new home makes it even better. We havent been here quite a week, so I suppose this could just be the honeymoon phase. But as I type there are just a few little clouds in the gorgeous blue sky, its 80 degrees and the humidity hasnt quite kicked in yet.

Hinesville certainly isnt a buzzing metropolis (only at the Walmart, which seems to be the hub of the city!) and Ludowici where we live is even smaller (there is no way to see our house on a GPS ...). But for some reason Im incredibly content here. We have a few neighbors now, all military. Our houses dont go ass to ass, and there is no one right behind us.  All our neighbors are really nice and friendly. I know that someday having nothing to do might creep up on me .... but right now Im pretty content to set up our home, and grow this baby.

We also met with our midwife yesterday at the birthing center. John is growing like a beast, with a strong heartbeat still. He also gave the midwife a swift kick when she put the Doppler on him, which made us laugh. He is his father’s son, and he knows what he doesnt like.

I cant put into words how genuinely content I am. I used to think that content was another word for “just okay”. Now I see that its a peace that you cant describe - that I could repeat this day over and over for the rest of my life, and that would be just fine with me.

Its a comfort for me, at least initially. I have been so terrified of losing my identity. Ive worked for so long, and to have to leave all of that behind and take on a new job (the wife / mother role) was so scary for me that I had no idea how I could do it. Once again, it hasnt been that long .... but there is such a peace in me right now that Im actually excited about whats to come. Im looking forward to having time to be a mother, to be a wife, and to actually enjoy life .... instead of just running from work, to social obligations, to run errands, ect. That was the main point of this move .... to remember what life is like at 10 MPH instead of 100.

I miss some of my amazing friends, but thankfully the ones who are around are still just as close as before. I dont feel like Im losing anything by being far away. Other than that, Im not looking back to Washington. I keep saying that because Im waiting for it. Its like a punch that you prepare for ... I keep expecting all this sadness to reach up and smack me in the face. So far it hasnt, but if it does I have a lot of wonderful things here to keep me grounded.

So, in closing, this was possibly the best move weve ever made. We try to make the best out of everything anyways, but this is beyond even what I expected!

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