Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Follow up today

About to head in for our follow up U/S (good thing we already had one scheduled with the tech!) to see if I can get off this damn modified bedrest. I have to give major kudos to anyone who can do full bedrest for months at a time and not go totally bat shit crazy (or .... maybe its just that I was so close to the line as it is ...). Anyhow:

Dear baby John and / or the placenta:

Mommy is trying to network and make friends before her vagina blows out and she has to stay in the house for a few months. Couple that with Daddy’s inevitable deployment schedule, and were going to need someone to bring us food if it comes to that. So, in interest of getting the hell off this couch AND in interest of not dragging you to the IGA at 2 am because I have no other choice (which ... I will ....), please help mommy stop this bleeding. You can then go back to jumping on my bladder like a trampoline. I know - its way fun.

EDIT - prayers do work! Or, ER doctors really arent that smart. Either way you cut it, we went from about an 8.5 on the alarm system to around a 2. Basically meaning that what was once thought to be previa so bad that I had to take to bedrest and a c section is now a MARGINAL previa that should absolutely move itself by the 28 week check (and if not then, for sure by delivery). The bleeding was likely NOT caused by this, but by breaking capillaries in my (apparently strong and very healthy, yay me?) cervix by too much .... stuff (no further details please).

So, hopefully that is my one big scare throughout this pregnancy and we can now just be thankful it was only a weekend, and not the entire time. Despite it all, even if it would have meant the next 18 weeks lying in bed and not moving, I would have made it work. It would have drove me nuts, but I would have done it for this little rockstar.


  1. Im glad you guys are safe! Hope things are well!

  2. YAY!! Praise God :) I'll still be praying for you and John!