Sunday, May 22, 2011

Short, fat and happy :)

- Almost 24 weeks. Grow baby grow!

- We bought a BAP yesterday. That is short for a big ass pool. Its an 18 foot blow up pool ... which is pretty crazy. But I have a backyard full of sand, and Im tired of doing grass dances to grow anything worth mentioning. Our cure for that? Get a pool so that we can swim away this hellfire and damnation summer heat. I assume itll be either the best purchase we ever made OR the Clampett’s get a swimmin’ hole.

- We didnt die yesterday. Now that we didnt, can I be honest? I was a TINY bit nervous. Not because I thought some old asshole was right, but because I was then worried that God would show Camping AND the Rapture jokesters that they were all assholes and come back on May 22. So .... if that happens today, you heard it here first.

- Allen will also be going on his first field training since deployment ... that means weve been solidly together for almost ELEVEN months straight. Thats completely insane, but at least they are starting us off small. Ten days in the field --- AND, hes in an armor unit now, so there are no females in his company! Not that it matters, as he isnt the type to go out and cheat with anyone, especially a female co-worker, but it still makes me feel better. I plan on actually getting John’s room in order when hes gone, and there will be a girls night at my house now that we have the pool :) Plus, we bought this nice new house, so its probably about time we have people over!

- I dont think my friends back at Lewis quite believe how happy I am here. I know it seems like Im just saying it because its much easier than explaining any unhappiness. But I can honestly say that I am in a wonderful and happy place right now. Ive met some great girls, and continue to do so. Im so much closer to everything I know and love. I love the sun, I love our house, I love the area ..... 

Lots of sunshine over here. Its just nice to be in a place I want to be, instead of just one I have to be. 

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  1. I believe you! I have a feeling I'll be the SAME way. :)

    And, for the record, you are NOT fat. You are absolutely glowing! And that dress? Smokin!