Thursday, May 19, 2011

Finally finished the front yard ...

Want to know what is the best thing EVER? NOT being on bedrest. CAPS required.

The front yard is finally done, with the addition of the pink hibiscus tree the daddy bought me today (Hinesville Farmers Market is AMAZING. I just ate fresh GA peaches and cream and wanted to cry it was so good), that is in the right corner. The yard is guarded by the lawn gnomes - but at the first sign of revolt, they’re gone.

All in all, if we ever get orders out of here Im going to cry. Hard. I love our house, I love the big GA blue sky, and I love this little town. I know well have to leave someday, but hoping that someday comes a loooooong time from now. 


  1. It's beautiful Anne! I hope you guys get to stay for a long time too :)