Sunday, May 15, 2011

I cant bring myself to say Placenta in a Facebook status.

So the basics, of what I know, is that I have something called placenta previa.

This is just what Ive learned from the ER doc, so Ive still got some learning to do myself. Our full anatomy scan was set for Tuesday, so they would have found this out then anyhow (if youll remember, our gender scan was done at a 4D place since we spent so long in transition).

Basically what I know of placenta previa comes from my Google MD, though I went to the ER at Liberty Medical Center here ... its a 2 story tiny hospital, but the staff was really nice and the doctor took more time to explain things than any other doctor Ive ever had.

The good news about it is that is can, and very often does fix itself, so that is an extreme positive. As the uterus stretches the placenta should migrate towards the top. The bad news is that it usually does this in the beginning of pregnancy, so now at 22 weeks its a cause for monitoring. If it hasnt righted itself by 34 ish weeks then they will go ahead and schedule my c - section. Which, also for those of you who follow, is pretty much the exact opposite of the medication free natural birth Ive planned. But, you make plans and God laughs, so as long as we have a healthy baby I dont care if they have to get him out with a forklift (though, would obviously prefer that be some sort of last restort).

The other bad thing about this now is that it has been causing bleeding. Not a whole lot, but obviously enough that they sent me to the emergency room. That is the cause for the vaginal rest (and every single person, including my midwife has profusely apologized to Allen for this ....) and for modified bed rest (which was explained to me as no moving anything, no lifting, and no standing for long periods of time).   They want to make sure that the bleeding doesnt get worse - apparently, that is the cause for most premature births is that this condition can cause the mother to hemorrhage inside, and that means they have to take the baby out ASAP.

But, Im not thinking down that track just yet. Ive already read a lot of stories where a complete previa has righted itself when diagnosed this early! So for now Im going to just say a lot of prayers that my placenta resumes being the rock star that it was early on (you know, when it stopped me getting sick all day every day?) and I can resume normal activities in a few weeks. Until my 28 week scan where they can determine how severe this is going to stay, Im going to be getting even more rest than before. Yay me?

Thats just one site on placenta previa. A good note right now is that Im only 22 weeks so this baby has a good month to rearrange the furniture in there and make it right!

Another good note is that John is currently 1.3 pounds and seems to still be as active as ever. Although, we may have the youngest anger management member ever on our hands, as everytime a doctor gets close to him with the monitoring devices he can be seen actually punching back. Thats my kid!


  1. I'm glad things are okay--keep your feet up and take care of yourself!! By the way, you were so worried about having a girl because she'd probably be just like you, but who says John won't? ;) He's certainly been determined to do his own thing. lol

  2. I just saw this! I'll start praying tonight!