Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blogging on the run.

Or, on the stand anyhow.

Im currently standing in front of the TV to blog, as the only safe place in this house seems to be the top of the stand these days. Mr. Mobile (AKA John Douglas) broke his second MAC charger in as many months today. We go through these things like candy, and they arent cheap ($80 a pop to be exact). His obsession with the laptop started when we used to skype with daddy over deployment, and  now he wants to be on it all the time. We even went so far as to buy him a kids laptop, but he isnt easily fooled. He wants the real thing, and hes quick. He gets to the charger before I get to him, and APPLE products are made to break so that they can take all your money. I hear they are accepting body parts now as currency.

In other news, I finally got all my transcripts sent into Columbia College (no easy task when youve gone to college THREE places). I still have no real idea what track Ill take, but I realize that I have to do SOMETHING. My brain needs to be in motion, and crafting from Pinterest (while amusing) just isnt my thing. I WISH it were my thing. I have friends that can make a loveseat out of fucking Coke cans - and thats awesome. But every time I try to do something (say, stain a frame for fathers day???) it ends up looking like a 3rd grade art project. Though thats insulting to 3rd graders.

So, Im going back to school. Even if I dont go back to work, there is nothing wrong with being educated. In addition, Im picking up my LSAT book. My goal is to take the test by September of next year. Maybe Ill never go to law school (because have you seen the price tag?), but at least I can say I did it. And at this point, thats enough.

Maybe I can do it all. Or, I can at least try. Ive always dreamt of being a lawyer, but Ive always let excuses get in the way (no money, kids need me, good enough job, no time, ect). I only have one life ... ONE. I dont want to make excuses forever. It may never work out, I may never practice law, but all the ways I try to get there are only going to make me better.

And now is a good time, since we are ready for baby #3. Of course, we have no idea if we can even get pregnant again, since John was such a surprise. So I think school / law school is a great track to go on. At least its one that I can control.

But, it would be socially irresponsible not to at least try to produce more of these 

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