Monday, June 11, 2012

Hell has frozen over.

As you know, my child has won the award for clingiest baby EVER for all the months of his life. But right now he is behind me playing.


By himself.

I attribute this phenomenon to his new ability to make “truck and racecar” noises. It really is the cutest thing. Hes only 8 months old so I thought it was a fluke, but he certainly does it enough while playing with his trucks and racecars for me to believe hes a baby genius. Thats what moms do, right? We believe our children the smartest in the world? Today I am honoring that.

Anyhow. Generally were enjoying our time here. Its nice to have some time off of chasing the big one around through all his sports/hanging out/homework/ ect. He is spending the summer building a cabin (yes, a whole cabin) with his dad in the woods of northern GA. At 13 its good for him, especially the part of being cut off from technology. He needs that.

Thankfully two of our friends from Fort Lewis are stationed here, so its been nice to hang out with some of my best friends again. I forget that level of comfort that I miss so much, until I have it again. I have some wonderful friends at Stewart BUT its true that nothing bonds you like a deployment. Those are friendships like no other.

During the days here, if we arent at Tanya or Bridgettes house, we just hang out. We play, we watch the birds, we go on walks. We Skype with friends. Its very, very low key, which isnt easy for me. But Im seeing the beauty in the slow down. There is nothing to clean, no errands to run, nothing to do but spend 5 weeks playing with my growing boy. Although sometimes I hate slow paces I know one day Ill be grateful that I got to spend some uninterrupted time just watching how much hes growing up.

Ive also been playing with my camera a bit. No worries - Im not going to open up a Facebook page and call myself a photographer! But, we bought this very nice camera (well, it was nice 2 years ago, not so much now) and it would probably serve me well to learn to use it while I have the time.

Im also going to learn to sew. This is what John thinks of that. 

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