Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 156

And the time goes by ...
Its strange how fast sometimes. You look at the days ahead and think that there is no way that youll ever get from point A to point B. And then suddenly you look up ... and its 3 months later and you're left scratching your head wondering where all that time you thought you had went.
So thats possibly why I havent blogged in a few days. But Ive learned some things in the last few days .... lets see if I cant remember some of the highlights ...
  • The way to ace your first "grown up" interview is NOT, in fact, to come in and answer (to the very innocent question of "how are you?") .... loudly ... "IM ALL WET!". Yes, I just came in from the rain (we do live in WASHINGTON), however the attorney looked at me as if I had just screamed out "THATS WHAT SHE SAID!" Although in all fairness, had I been around friends and NOT at an interview, that is exactly what would have been said next.

  • Lights are tricky. To elaborate:

As we all know I drive like an Asian ("Which one, a man or a woman?" .."Whichever one is worse!"). So not having a car right now, Williams was nice enough to let me take hers for my day full of classes and interviews. I get out of the car and see that the lights are still on. So I go back in and check to make sure I turned them off. It said I had, so I get back out.

Lights still on.

So I get back in and press all the buttons I can find, sort of like you did when you used to play Mortal Kombat on Sega? (Im convinced NO ONE ever knew how to actually play that game. We all just mashed a bunch of button combinations until you KO'ed the dude).

Get out. Lights still on.

So I repeat this process about three times. As Im starting to get REALLY strange looks from people, I finally realize that maybe ... they shut themselves off ....

Get out. Lights still on.

Wait 30 seconds.

Lights go off.

Feel very ashamed of myself.

  • A real text exchange from today:

E: Im about to go out for midnight shopping! I hope I can get a good deal for his gift!

Me: Please wear a helmet. True story, someone once got knifed for a Tickle Me Elmo. I really hope thats not your husbands gift!

  • This got brought up the other day:

One time when a friend and I were at the zoo, we were handed one of the maps of the entire zoo. We were studying it for a moment, and then I finally asked "Where is the 'you are here' X to let you know where we are in relation to this?"

He looked at me with very big eyes and said .... "This is a MAP. It walks WITH US."

Best blonde moment ever.

  • Followed a close second by baby registering with Williams. She pointed at the toothbrushes and said "How do I know what kind of toothbrush hell need when hes born?"

I looked at her, with what I can only assume was the same stare that I was given all those years ago and said "Jess ... he isnt born with TEETH"

Jess "Oh! Good to know ....."

  • And the true "You know you're a military wife when ...." moment:

Me: You know, for people who arent getting any, we sure do talk about sex a LOT. Maybe we need sex rehab with Dr. Drew.

M: You cant go on that show ... you arent getting any.

Me: True. And Id probably just end up trying to sleep with Dr. Drew anyways.

  • Or the real "you know youre husband is deployed when ...."

Me:What are you doing?

J:Nothing much. Watching a Dolly Parton Christmas special and eating brownies with cookies in them.

Anyways. All of this convinces me that time does go by .... and you can even fit a few laughs in along the way.

Since today is Thanksgiving, Ill end here that Im grateful for my life. Even though this is the hardest thing Ive ever gone through, I cant help but be thankful for the love of a soldier, who is so far away. The family that was brought together by a job, but joined together by love. And for good food, laughter, and the close of one more day that brings me that much closer to you.

I love you baby. Now, forever, and no matter what.

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