Saturday, March 5, 2011

Also ...

We saw little Mr. or Ms. Pinecone for our 12 week ultrasound (AND, we are measuring a few days ahead, which may have contributed to my feeling better at what I thought was 11 weeks. Not that I give a damn what week it was, Im just glad Im not heaving every 3.5 seconds). To me, it was sort of the "big" ultrasound because they say that once you pass your 12 week mark your chances of miscarriage go down dramatically.

I had mentally prepared myself for any number of things that could be wrong (although probably not a healthy way to think, I didnt want to not be prepared for anything that could happen). The doctor didnt look for the heartbeat first, he just went straight to the ultrasound (though the machine has a heartbeat measurement system so that may be why). As soon as he connected it to my stomach we saw two little legs moving around.

Although I know that Ive A) done this before (although back then things certainly werent as advanced as they are now) and B) googled "what to expect at your 12 week ultrasound" (apparently I learn NO lesson about Googling). I knew that it would look like a real baby in THEROY, but to see one on the screen MOVING was a totally different ball game.

Baby is apparently testing out his surroundings (or her, but I desperately hope for a boy, as I dont really understand girls) and keep moving from the doctor. But then it was as if s/he froze and said "wait .... one ... minute. Someone is watching ......"

So we ended up with a good picture of a pretty face (or handsome). At only 12 weeks, this is pretty frikkin perfect.

Now its 2 months until we find out what s/he is packing in there.

*** EDIT***
My doctor here wouldnt do my gender scan before we leave ..... and the new doctor was going to make us wait for a bit. All in all it would be 23-26 weeks before we got a chance to do it. In addition, Allen would be just starting a new unit .... I know that lots of dads cant be there for the big scan, but it seems like since hes here we should try to include him if we can ....

So after some research, I found a place right down the road from my mom's house that will do 4D gender scans for a reasonable price, AND they have a family viewing area that lets you invite others in to experience that with you. Although this moment is a private one, in our life with so much being done away from family, Im excited that my mom, grandma and brother (and some assorted others)  will be able to share some of the experience with us!

Gender scan on April 23rd :)

Baby Pinecone!

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