Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I have no idea what just happened. I went to Bloggers new interface and the whole screen blew up and now I have to spend the next 20 minutes searching for how the shit to make this work.

I am up at the assholes crack of dawn to get the big kid off to school and then to work out. Im not even kidding. Because for whatever reason, early morning is the only guaranteed time that the little “high needs” one will sleep for any given period of time, thus allowing me an uninterrupted time to lose this baby weight (because breastfeeding doesnt, thats a myth, or only a reality for people whose bodies dont like to eat a lot to make up for it). So here we are.

Apparently Bloggers new interface uploads photos properly, which is good because I was starting to get really pissed off that I couldnt put the pictures on my blog. I know one day Facebook will go the way of Myspace (which went the way of Livejournal - although I do miss my Livejournal. That site was pretty awesome) and then I will abandon it and all my photos. So, best to keep my favorites at least in a central area.

Although I should probably take some of them off my MAC and into a web album before Steve Jobs rolls over in his grave.

Anyhow. I bring you the best of my week, in pictures. Because Ive been learning how to work our camera (Nikon D3100) AND I got the iPhone 4s. So my ass is taking pictures like the world is ending tomorrow. And it might, so at least Im prepared.

Daddy’s promotion ceremony

Big brother’s basketball game

Youd never believe that hes such a crabby kid :)

This shirt makes me smile

After work bonding

River Street in Savannah 

Before I went out on Saturday (no worries, I ran home three hours later)

Weekend XBOX time


My Elfster gift from my Bumpie. The board has been imperative to me the last few weeks as I havent been able to get out much. Im starting to get back on track but thank God for my Sweet Peas!

The text talk on the iPhone. It picks up at 75% of what you say, the other 25% is usually entertaining. 

I love instagram. If you dont have it, you need it. 

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