Friday, December 2, 2011

Kids are a lot of work ..

One kid at a time wasnt so bad. Now that we have 2 kids upmyassallthetime its very hard to do things like “blog”, “eat” and “think”. Its very sad and not only am I not funny anymore (at all) its hard to sometimes remember the last time I washed my hair.

I still find the time for playdates though (hello, of course) so now I have to pick up the house for the invasion of babies. Id like for John to be more social, but of course hes 2 months old. His main social interaction is that hes learned to shriek without crying so he spends a lot of time yelling at me and daddy. I hope to get it on video - if you stuck a tiny cigar in his mouth he would look like a crotchety old factory boss who is yelling at his employees.

I wonder where I can get a tiny cigar ....

Other than that, its same old same old around here. Fighting with Devon every day to do his homework, the dishes, get off the gamesystemgooutsideanddosomething.  Babies will make you tired, teenagers will make you crazy.

Tomorrow Im going to a big dinner with my girlfriends - some from here, and some from Lewis. Im so excited to not only have some good food and conversation but to have a break from babyhood. Im so thankful for Allen - every day he gets better at this dad thing. Yesterday John had woken up a lot through the night and he did it again at 430 when Allen was up. Allen came in, took John and told me hed change him for me. I ended up falling back asleep and Allen brought John in BACK ASLEEP. He apparently called his shop and told them hed be a little late, just this once, and put the baby back to sleep so I could get another hour.

I know, dads should do that kind of stuff. But its still pretty awesome to be married to someone who does. He was scared of John at first but the longer it goes on the better he gets with him. And that is a relief for a sleep deprived mom.

Blogger is a fucking assshole so I had to copy and paste this. But Im finally learning how to use my camera. Next up is creating a Facebook page and taking crappy pictures as my “career”. 

(Note: That will not happen)

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