Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving ...

Im glad thats over with.

The older I get the more I start to hate the holidays. I know - Im a huge grinch - but its all just a lot of pressure. You have to make good food, you have to give the best gifts and you generally want to have the idyllic fireplace movie scene. And inevitably someone ends up disappointed because that shit doesnt happen.

This year we went totally anti-pressure and it was just Allen, John my mom and me (Devon is visiting with his dad and family for the school break). We had low key meal of roast chicken, sage and celery stuffing, potatoes, white gravy, rolls, green bean casserole and the Pioneer Womans “Pecan Pie That Will Make You Cry”. It was delicious, not a lot of work and we all promptly took a nap after dinner - even John must have realized sleep is what you do on holidays.

THen mom and I went to see The Muppet Movie. My cousin Laura and I loved the Muppet Show so much when we were kids that we wore out not one, but two, VHS tapes of the show. When we saw the previews we each vowed to see it on our respective coasts (she lives in LA and generally has the sort of fabulous life that I can only dream of).

Oh, but on that note .... we actually went out in Savannah on Wednesday with my friends Kelley, Christi and their husbands. Sigh. I want so badly to still be the young-and-fun person I used to be, but its just not in the cards.  I spent half the night feeling like an asshole in my mom jeans and the other half wondering when I could get back to my baby. At 1 am I couldnt believe that anyone stayed out this late anymore and what the fuck were we doing at a bar when we could be at home in warm PJ’s watching Real Housewives on the DVR. I should add that Kelley and Christi are two of my most fun friends, so it was definitely me, and my lack of quality sleep. 

And that is why I have lost my edge. Next time Ill stick to happy hour at Applebee’s and a shopping trip to Target. #bitchisasuncoolastheycome

But how could you want to leave this face??

(As a side note I have no problem leaving him to go to the movies/shopping/ ect. But I just think the bar scene is so done for me - its not fun anymore)

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