Friday, November 4, 2011

Sometimes I forget to blog. Because it doesnt pay me.

Devon is here and back living with us officially. Its a long story as to the why/how but suffice to say its been
a long time coming and it is definitely for the best. So now the boys are watching I Am Legend (not John, although
I am SURE we are probably scarring him for life as he sleeps in his swing. We are asshole parents). Middle school
is a whole new world from when I attended it and were doing our best to navigate all the sorts of things that
you face with a pre-teen. Also, when do I buy him condoms? Does anyone know? So much to learn.

My kid has so much attitude its ridiculous. And yet, he is pretty much the cutest thing E-V-E-R. I know that only
stuck up and shitty people say things like that, but fine, thats me. He really is THAT cute. But dont worry ...
hes only that cute because he has the worlds WORST temperament. He is totally not a happy baby.

He simply cannot bear to be around us any further. 

He was a precious puppy for Halloween.
Also to whomever searched for: babysitter coming home early daddy

And came upon my blog, Im sorry for the obvious disappointment youve faced. This most certainly isnt *that*
kind of place. Also .... seek help. Soon. Also - what the fuck did I write about that brought them here? My blog
is apparently sneaking nasty things behind my back.

Also it took me 6 days to write and post this, which is why its ALL OVER THE PLACE. I just got an email from
Barnes and Noble asking me “where Ive been” because I havent purchased an e-book for my Nook lately.
Id like to write them back and explain to them that a 12 year old and a 6 week old tend to take up some time and
thank them for staying the fuck out of my business from now on. 

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  1. i mostly enjoy that in the background of the middle picture, there is a thing for align... so fitting.

    also most people find my blog by searching camel toe pussy in leggings. its copacetic. i hope that by giving you this comment that you can get some of that traffic. because i dont want it.