Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blogging? Whats that?

I still have a lot to say (I think) but theres not enough time to get it all down on ... electronic format. I mean yeah I have a baby but I also have a horrid Dr Phil addiction (judge me) and dont always have time to blog. Plus I can Facebook with one hand but blogging proves to be a bit more difficult.

John is a month old today. It goes fast.

Were using the pull and pray method after this. If I end up with 2 under 1 I assume Ill try to throw myself off of a bridge at some point (judge me). It took us four years to make this one, Im EBF’ing and (judge me) I want them close together. Crazy? Maybe. But Im getting older and I dont want to try to have a newborn and chase a five year old when Im in my 30’s.

Additionally I suppose I have to really start working out tomorrow. I keep saying Im going to do it but ... I dont. And I cant afford all new pants. So ... here we go.

The baby dictator gave us a few smiles this week. Like, he look
ed in my face, considered where he knew me from and then smiled right at me. I may have cried a little and then called Allen at work to squeal over it. Thank you for holding your laughter at how I am everything I said I would never be.

Does this post have a point? No it doesnt. You can all move on with your lives now.

John and Daddy in the nursery today. Love this one. 

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