Monday, October 17, 2011

3 week growth spurt ...

John turned 3 weeks on Friday so Ive been on the lookout for the “3 Week GS” that everyone has been talking about on the BMB. And holy crap - whether he is just psychologically screwing with me or its a reality, this kid is crankfest 2011.

Its sad for daddy who only came in from the field for a few days. Baby Mariah Carey (diva) was pretty well behaved when it was just him and I but almost the second daddy came home he was kicking up dust with his baby cries.

Also, although Allen is way better at the baby phase than anyone expected, he also has a dirty habit of holding said baby until said baby cries and then saying “oh look mommy hes hungry!”. The kid is not always hungry but since I possess the boobs I am the default for any and all crying times.

Anyhow, Allen is gone again and baby Cher (diva) woke up this morning in a rather good mood - he sat in his birdie swing while I ate breakfast, gave minimal fussing at diaper change time and is now asleep like a snuggly baby (actually he looks more like a drunk baby with his head thrown back and his paci dangling from his mouth). Maybe he knows that daddy doesnt listen unless you scream at him?

So today baby Whitney Houston (diva) and I will be trekking to Beba’s house. Because where does every lazy mom go when she wants to drink her coffee with two hands and watch Glee without getting off the couch? To HER moms house. And that is why we hauled our fat asses and two dogs all the way across country. For things like “mommy breaks via grandma”.

“And when you’re done with the laundry bring me my dinner. Chop Chop!” 

This is about right. My kid is attached to the boob. I fear Im setting him up for a lifetime of failure later. 


  1. i dont consider going to your moms house lazy. i call it resourceful. grandmas love the babies. you are just helping her get her baby fix.
    also a show you should probably watch at Beba's? pan am. it's awesome.

  2. Pan Am is on my DVR. I love that shit.