Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lets inject some positive up in here!

On a positive note: things are really starting to look up here. 

I knew it would happen, eventually. I think with every duty station change you have that unsettling period. Its the time when you dont belong to the old place and you dont belong to the new place. 

Slowly, however, your life begins to regulate. That feeling of “I dont belong here” starts to get less and less. You start to form real relationships with people. In other words - shit starts getting real.

There are people that I desperately miss, but they are still in constant contact. 

There are people that are naturally going to drift away (thats what happens when you move) and although it makes me sad to see them go I am very grateful for the time Ive had with them.

It feels like a good time to be positive about whats to come.

In other news, John will be two months tomorrow. In one swoop it feels like no time and forever all in one:

2 months ago

What is the deal with Bloggers uploader? Either way, this was a month ago (I know because I took no less than 1404040 “watch me grow” pictures)

Yesterday. I want to squish him. 

I couldnt have projected how amazing this whole thing was going to be. Nothing is perfect - Im human after all. The crying gets to me at times, there are days I miss my old life, and sometimes I get super hormonal and unreasonable. But - all in all - I cant imagine being anywhere else or doing anything else. This little man has changed us all - me, daddy, brother, everyone - for the better. Life is good.

ETA: His two month picture. Someone stop him - hes too much.

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