Thursday, November 10, 2011

Having 2 kids

Everyone says that you shouldnt have two close together because its hard. Im here to tell you that they are stupid.

Two kids is hard no matter what the age.

Everyone says - “Oh, Devon is old enough to take care of himself, so itll be easier”. These people have never had a twelve year old. Because Im up at 6 to prod him up, in the shower and out the door. Make sure he brushes his teeth and wears deodorant (why are preteens so adverse to being clean?). Then he has to be told to eat and get his ass to the bus stop. Then at 3 we have to structure the day in hour increments because if left to his own devices the kid would never stop playing XBOX. Also we have to do homework and I have to spend most of my time trying to figure out the answers without looking like I  dont know them. Because I dont. At the same time we have to cater to baby dictator around the clock. Also you cant just nurse anywhere in your house when you have a 12 year old there because no kid, no matter how secure, wants to see his moms boob.

Everyone says that I “have a built in babysitter”. Please reference above. The kid cant remember to shower, do you think I want to leave him alone with my infant? No. Hes a good kid/big brother but he wont be opening up a daycare center anytime soon.

This isnt to take away from those who have several that are young as Im sure having them both wake up at different times during the night is murder. But were still going to try to have them close (if we can do it at all since this one was just some sort of strange “freebie”) because kids are hard no matter what the age.

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