Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mommy breaks, and other “must haves” ...

I took my first real momma break yesterday and I cant tell you how fantastic it was.

Allen took both the boys (well, he didnt TAKE them anywhere. He stayed home with them) and I hopped in the car to drive to Atlanta. It was Dana’s birthday and the plan was drinks, lunch and Breaking Dawn.

I cried from the time I got on Highway 16 until I hit Interstate 75 which is about an hour. And I didnt just shed a few tears I ugly Teen Mom Farrah cried. It was hideous. And I called Allen no less than 45 times, each of which he assured me that not only was John alive but he didnt seem to notice that I was gone.

Im not sure wether to be pleased with this or to want to cry some more.

Thats pretty much all I could think about. My dream man is 11 pounds and he farts a lot.

I finally made it there and you could tell that neither Dana or I was used to being able to make a decision without someone - some little one - interrupting our thoughts. So we settled on Roadhouse Grill since they have the famous Roadhouse Tea of our youth. We used to slam back two of those and be done for the night. But ... that was a long time and a lot of months of pregnancy ago.

We each ordered one but quickly realized that there was no way we were going to make it through a whole drink a piece. Our old co-worker Katie was the bartender and we told her to make them weak ... but either Katie’s idea of weak is MUCH different than ours or we really are old as shit.

We talked about how fun we used to be, but neither of us could fathom going back. Its nice to sit down with someone who knows everything about you but still lets you change. No one stays the same person for years at a time - or if they do then they are missing the whole point. 

Then we went to the movie where Dana and I both succeeded in tripping over the same ladies purse - however, Dana managed to catch herself whereas I wasnt so lucky. I was on the fucking floor and so giggly after my one QUARTER of a drink that it took me an entire preview to get up. And I lost my shoe. Good times.

The daddy managed to not only keep everyone fed and happy but he even cleaned up the house when I was gone. He then said that staying at home wasnt that hard but I had to counter that by saying it probably was easier when you slept through an entire night AND no child was attached to your breast. But I really cant complain because a lot of husbands wont let the kid stay with them for an hour, let alone 12, so hes on my very very good list right now.

Wednesday momma is coming into town and we are going to actually go OUT. With friends. To River Street. I am giddy at the thought of doing something normal together for a change. We have an awesome life but between the two boys we dont get a ton of time to remember how much fun we used to be. So this is of importance.

Also, time is of the importance right now. Its so short and so sweet, but its going to be just fine. 

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