Friday, May 4, 2012

So I says to myself, I says “self, you need to start blogging it out” ....

Where does the time go?

Between washing diapers, nursing, baby wearing, and all the other things a hippie momma wanna be does (like gardening? Yeah I said it), blogging has taken a backseat.

So what have we done in the last few months?

* Accomplished an NTC rotation and the shortest deployment EVER.
* John outgrew colic. It is amazing. He laughs a lot now, and so do we.
* The big one got a girlfriend. Im hoping our next baby is a boy. I can be a mom of all boys. Girls ... eh, not so much.
*Were trying for #3. Surprise?

So now Im working on weight loss, which is a total bitch. I do a bunch of crap around the house that makes me feel like a housewife; however, I have gotten a large group of other mommies together for the ThursDAY drinking club. Its pretty awesome to know youve helped a lot of people get out and be social (and have an excuse to drink wine during the daytime hours). I sing to my kids, I read bedtime stories, I attempt to be a cool wife and not lose my edge (even while singing the Yo Gabba Gabba theme song). I try not to obsess about baby number three, but our family just feels like it needs one more member to be complete. Allen offered to get me a puppy while we wait, but Im not that stupid. Puppies grow into dogs, and sex grows into babies, and the whole thing makes me tired.

I eventually learned that paychecks arent everything. I have some cute flats now - they look as good as my heels, but I can run in them. I figured out that moms have really long days, but when the kids are asleep I miss them. I found out I actually can do it alone - I can take care of two kids, hit the gym, do some couponing, drink wine with my girlfriends, and find time to reorganize the babies closet.

Staying at home isnt ever what I thought Id do. It wasnt in my 10 year plan. But the sheer joy I find in every day now is astounding. When I worked I felt accomplished, but I dont know that I was happy. Happy, it turns out, isnt frantic. Its not bulldozing, or worrysome. Its quiet, and content. It just *is*. Thats a good feeling.

Also Im not half bad at this gig. All three of these boys are happy, healthy, and they seem fufilled. They all love mom. And Allen is really really excited to have another one. I always hear that husbands are hesitant, but he wanted another before I did. Although now I cant think of anything better than a big, loud, messy family.

But lets not get crazy. Were already big, loud, and super messy. But .... were happy.

So theres that.

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