Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sister Wives ... Just an uglier, more boring episode of Big Love ...

I wasnt going to blog about the new show "Sister Wives" as it seems like territory that everyone else has already covered. More, I really dont see what any of the fuss is about.

Apparently Im the only person in America who is really unimpressed by the entire thing. I couldnt be more apathetic about the entire situation, and that says something as I was the most excited about the show.

All I know about polygamy is rooted solidly in Big Love, the HBO show that follows Bill, his three attractive (okay ... 2 attractive, and one Nikki) wives, and a bunch of other shit, like an evil polygamist leader, a gay Mormon, lots of people having sex with other people that have had sex with their family members.

Polygamy is pretty awesome.

But this Sister Wives show is just some surfer dude with midlife crisis long hair who rounded up a bunch of chicks with low self esteem and gave them a room in a house. And the wives all just hang out and talk about how awesome it is to be a "family"" and that they didn't marry for the guy, they married to have the friends.

All of this is just really dull, and sort of stupid on a lot of counts.

1) This guy doesn't look like he has a hope in hell of pleasuring ONE woman, let alone FOUR.

2) If these women really married for friends, they're doing it wrong. I could have saved them a lot of trouble by just inviting them to join my Facebook meet-up group.

3) The women are hypocritical. They dont mind that the husband is swinging his dick all over the household, but they have a cow when they find out the idiot kissed the 4th wife when he proposed to her. So Kissing = Bad. Ferris Wheel penetration = Good.

4) There are no evil polygamist leaders, no homosexual Mormon brothers, no hiding from the neighbors or one of the wives having a crush on one of the older sons. Its just this D-Bag hanging out with his friends who go "Id be happy with one woman, and this guy has four". (PS Buddy - you just said that on national television, good call my friend).

This is in no way an exhaustive list of "Things That Piss Me Off About This Damn Show". But in the end ... who really cares? Everyone is all "OOOOH, its morally WRONG!" and Im like .... so is EVERYTHING fun in life!

So 5 consenting, God Fearing adults live together (under no threat of punishment or homicide), they live a slightly odd but generally happy life, they aren't hurting anyone else ..... so really .... I could give a shit. I think there are better uses of time/resources than going after these jerk offs. And really, make that many women share one man for a decent amount of time .... they'll take each other out eventually.

Or, as Allen put it:

"In any given moment, I have a 50% chance of making my ONE wife happy. I do NOT like this guys odds".

This is why Ill stick with my one husband, thank you very much.

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  1. That show is so funny though. Well said. I like your blog a lot!