Tuesday, October 12, 2010

True Interchanges From The Last 24 Hours.

Flamboyant Male Attorney to Social Worker: "OMG girl, you have a foot tattoo? You MINX you!"

(Please dont get me started on the woes of professionals wearing open toed shoes in the courtroom. If you want me to trust your professional judgement I DO NOT need to see yo' jacked up toes ....).

SW1: "Yes, and she has a tramp stamp too!"
FA: "Is that what those are called? I didnt know! Is that from Entorage???"

(So. Random)

SW2: "No, I have a tattoo on my back"

Assistant Attorney General: "A tramp stamp is a tattoo right above your bootie"

FA: "OMG! Is that what that is? I HAVE ONE! Im a TRAMP!"

Keep in mind, these are highly paid professionals. In court. Thank you.


Allen: "Honey, why are you creating events on Facebook and not spending time with ME?"

Me: "Very well then. I will put the laptop down and come to you. We can proceed to have a meaningful conversation, dissect my emotions, and figure out if my co-worker meant to look at me that way, or if she just was on her period."

Allen (brief pause): "Carry on then. You should probably check your email as well"


Me: You should never do the things to me that the guy on TV just did to his wife.

Allen: Woman. Tha guy has cheated on his wife. I have been sitting on this couch all day, in my pajamas, cleaning and cooking your ass tofu!

Such a brief little post. So sad.


  1. I love your blog! I'm glad you are back! I wish I was as good of a writer!

  2. A facebook event? Am I invited?