Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day #1: A picture of you, and 15 facts about yourself.

  1. I am one month shy of 27 ... and life has never been so enjoyable. As long as things continue at this rate, I look forward to my 30's. I can only assume that 30 is the age when you are old enough to know better, but too young to care.
  2. I have the pleasure of loving my profession. I might not be saving the world as a whole, but I like to believe that in our line of work, we can effect change on the molecular level, therefore carrying it over into the world. You'd be surprised at how treating our youth as humans (and not as animals who have "done wrong") can turn the tide in their lives. I'm excited to be a part of the juvenile justice system at this time, and to see where it goes from here.
  3. I have very strong opinions, and I don't have trouble voicing them. I'm working on my tact, but the Lord asks you to be patient as I am still a work in progress!
  4. I love Bret Michaels, and I say that with no shame at all. Its nothing to do with his looks, but more to do with the fact that hes exactly the kind of guy I want to sit around and have a beer with. He seems laid back, fun and interesting .... and those are the sort of people that everyone should have around!
  5. I also love Taylor Swift, the Twilight Series and the "Party in the USA" song. I also watch Degrassi on The N, and I would so go back to college again. I feel like Freud would have a field day with this, and I must be stuck in the Teeny Bopper Phase.
  6. I have a husband, son and two dogs, all of which I love. I believe this means we are living the American Dream, in an alternative sort of way :)
  7. I love Cherry Chapstick. I do mean love.
  8. My life dream from about 11 to 25 was to go on the Real World. I hold true to the fact that I really could have made it on that show, and been the one that everyone loved but would be all like "OMG, did she just say that?" and I TOTALLY would have said that. Then I realized that everyone on the Real World was getting younger and thinner, whereas I was just getting older and fatter. So, that dream had to come to an end.
  9. I read, on average, 2 books a week. If I'm not doing something else, my head is always stuck in a book. I read when I blow dry my hair, on car rides, when I'm waiting at the office, and especially when I'm in the tub. Our house is full of books ... and if you ever look in our towel pantry in the restroom you will find more books than towels ....
  10. I did not vote for Dubya, either time, but now that hes not the President I'd damn sure hang out with him. In fact, regardless of my politics, I cant think of a President I WOULDNT hang out with. Id love to just hear some of the stories they have to tell.
  11. My name is Anne, and I am addicted to Facebook (and I used to use Myspace as a form of drug ...). We have moved so often, and have friends from all over the world. Myspace/Facebook is the best way to keep in touch with the people we love, and to share our stories, joys, and life with them. Although the "FB" is known to cause trouble in lives, I AM grateful for the chance to stay in touch.
  12. I have a TON of people I know, lots of acquaintances, a bucketful of friends, and a handful of "soulmates'. Through the years I've foraged deep connections with people that have lasted through many moves, some disagreements, life changes, ect, ect. The best part about a friendship like that is knowing that there are people in your life who have seen you stumble, fall, make mistakes, say things you shouldn't, and pretty much be down at your lowest level .... and they love you anyway. And in turn, you know you'll always be around for them, no matter how many times they show their asses. That? Is love. 
  13. When I was 18, I knew everything. When I was 21, I knew most things. At 27, I dont know shit. I cant tell if that means Im getting dumber or wiser.
  14. I genuinely love life, good food, good wine, a long walk, a pretty view, and a lazy day in bed. I dont believe that any pleasure is too small to revel in, whether it be a blowout trip across the ocean or a warm cup of coffee with a good friend. I love the excitement of going on a trip, I love the comfort of coming home, I love shopping for something that you just HAVE to have to make you happy. I love capturing a moment in pictures, I love laughing until my face hurts, and I love talking about something until it makes sense. I love being loud, open, honest, spontaneous, crazy, wild, funny, and most of all happy.
  15. When its all said and done, and Im on my way out, I want to be able to be content with that. I want to know that every single day I was given that I went out there and REALLY lived it. When God calls for me, I want to be satisfied with what I did, what I learned, and what I left behind. And I think, though not without its times of tribulation, this life is the most fantastic gift ever. 

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