Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day #5: A picture of you with a parent or two

A picture of me and my momma. Theres nothing really funny to report on this one. My mom taught me that its okay to be myself - even though that means some people may not like who I really am, at least they wont love me for someone Im not. She taught me to never judge people until I've "walked a moon in their moccasins" (I think that means that I dont need to be all up in their Kool-Aid if I dont know the flavor). She taught me that its never too late to have a fresh start, that family is something you can always count on, and that I should really stop smoking, swearing, and generally feeling like I could bulldoze my way through life (I have stopped the first ... still working on the other two ...).

Most important, my mother has never, ever, ever ... no matter how many times I may have deserved it, or how many times she may have felt it .... told me that I disappointed her.  Theres something to be said for a person who is successful (which I suppose is debatable in my case .....), or moreover a person who is confident, when they were never told that they couldnt do something. I owe that to her, and I appreciate her helping to shape me as the raging narcissist that I am. Love you mom!

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