Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'm obligated to post at least one blog with the subject of Kanye West.

Please to enjoy the recap of Kanye West's latest faux pas ..... his outfit.

The article states that: "Clad in a black peacoat, fur vest, shiny gold shirt, gold chains, and headband, the rapper lipsynched (as most do) the words to his Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album closer “Lost in the World.” 

Negro, you just appeared on national television in a SEQUINS and a HEADBAND. If I can offer you one piece of advice, its dont ever, ever, EVER roll up in the hood again.

Here's the full video, in case you missed it. I could not give a damn less what he said about GWB or to Matt Lauer .... but my eyes about fell out of my head when I saw what he had the nads to put on this morning. All I could do was watch and hope that 'Lil Stomachache and Pistolstarter dont get the Macy's parade on their rabbit ears, lest Kanye get killed. 

In fabulous quotient, Im going to give Kanye a 7.5 (the point 5 being for not only wearing a gold shirt, but a SHINY one). 

For street cred Im giving Kanye a 2, and thats only because he might be able to use his fur coat to barter with a homeboy (generosity added for the giving season ...).

To wrap this up, Ill just say that Kanye should now join hands with Ice Cube and walk off into the suburban sunset.

PS: Yes, Ice Cube. Because he went from:

Being a Nigga Wit Attitude, who was Straight Outta Compton, hanging out with Smokey, and trying not to use his AK ....
Taking a road trip in his mini van with his pesky upper middle class kiddos. Such adventures he meets along the way!

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