Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Im not supposed to be posting if Im not "photo challenging" right?

Well, whatever. I've grown endlessly restless since this is day one (solid) that Ive been out of work.

To recap: Friday - full day. Saturday - off. Sunday - Off. Monday - Left office at noon. Tuesday - Closed Court, no work.

That brings us to almost Wednesday, in which I may have to take a fucking sled and a roller skate and take my ass to work.

 Its not that I mind VACATION, but I do mind watching my hourly rate extract itself from my checking account every single  hour I'm not working. The point of going in for the ONE day in between the "Arctic Freeze" and the Thanksgiving Holiday is pretty much none ... but I keep thinking of the hundreds of lost dollars that Ill be facing on my December check.

This is the sort of shit we never worried about during school snow days.

We're a little bored in here (but not bored enough to clean, I must add), so we put up the Christmas tree. We watched some Dr. Phil (on bullying. Allen keeps saying things that end with "and then Id reach over there and beat her ass"). One of us has used socks for a purpose they werent made for (dont ask. Ever.).

Clearly Allen also had the day off. And I think hes going nuttier than I am. Maybe because I have an office that is empty most of the day, besides Meg. And I talk to clients, on my own time. But Allen has to be up people's butts all day long as part of the Army gig (not in a Dont Ask, Dont Tell way), so I think this staying home thing is harder on him than on me. Actually, its harder on me because I have to answer the 650 million questions, comments, ect that have come from him today.

All you stay at home moms who have kiddos that are in the question asking phase? Major, major props.

At this point, Im hoping for some sort of solar flare that will bring just enough heat to melt my path to the office in the morning (isnt the solar activity supposed to be out of control right now? Hey yo' .... lets make this happen Mr. Sun! I-5 to HWY 16, thatll do just fine). In related news, Ive decided to quit bitching about being tired, working, ect. Because the alternative (Watching ANOTHER episode of Oprah, Dr. Phil, Divorce Court, ect) is something I cannot bear.

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