Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day #4: A picture of you very drunk

Ah ... finally. A day where I have eons of pictures to choose from. Because I fall into the category of "drinking my life away" (an actual accusation from someone who is infinitely better and more sober than I), there is no small selection of "pictures of me very drunk". 

Finally .... its paid off.

Anyhow. I dont know why I enjoy spirits the way I do. Its not as if I've missed out on them throughout my life. I drank at a decently young age, though it wasnt until I was 19ish and went away to college that I actually got to do it with any frequency - up until that point I was putting in as many hours as a student and mom as any human could. So, with the send off of "you should be able to have a young adulthood while we help", I strapped a Smirnoff in one hand and a Marlboro in the other to diversify my options.

At any rate, this is one of my all time favorite drunk pictures (and I know drunk pics, believe you me). This is me and my bestest almost four years ago at my going away celebration. Allen was "fixin" to graduate from basic training, and we were off to the land of Fort Huachuca, Arizona. Cinco de Mayo was a perfect day for all of us to hit up the La Parilla parking lot for the annual celebration. And yes, that cup in my hand that looks like a Big Gulp ABSOLUTELY was a margarita. Thats whats up.

Anyhow, its one of my favorites for many reasons:

  1. I was skinny
  2. I was with my favorite person in the world, probably the only one on Gods earth that knows every single thing about me .... and she loves me anyways. 
  3. I was skinny
  4. That was before I ruined tequila, and likely drinking in general, for the rest of my life by ingesting the better part of a bottle
  5. That was also before the Army made me super jaded to trusting that anything would go properly
  6. That was when I lived in GA. I loved Georgia, and will always call it home in spirit. Even though I only lived there for less than a year.
  7. And .... I was skinny. Not only was I skinny, but I drank a lot, ate Chili's every day, and was STILL skinny. I hate myself from 4 years ago. Bitch.
Although married life has brought all sort of wonderful things, and I wouldnt change it for the world, sometimes I miss that laid back life from yesteryear. Seems like we always had money, time, and things to do. And of course, we had each other (the "Chilis" crew). I wouldnt change my life for ANYTHING right now, but I am glad that I have those memories to look back on. Good times.  

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