Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day #2: A picture of what is in your purse

  1. I used my favorite pink purse today. The best thing about this purse is that I bought it for $5 at Ross on sale. It was intended to be used for our Sex in the City II night out - I had a pink dress, and it was perfect for the night. As it turns out, I got more compliments on that purse than I ever have my Coach or Louis ... and truthfully, I like the pink on dreary days!
  2. The invitation to Krista's baby shower. I wrote directions on the back, but Google Maps gave directions like "Turn left, take a right, and then another right". Thats a little vague ....can a bitch get a street name?
  3. My equally sunny yellow wallet, which currently holds a zillion receipts, my business cards that I was so excited for but never use, and an outdated FL license that I just cant bear to throw away. 
  4. Sex in the City II - We helped the Dalton's move today, and I had left the DVD there awhile ago. Tany and I planned on having a DVD night, but we just talked for a few hours. Those friends are the best ... the ones you never run out of things to say to!
  5. My employee badge. The picture was taken in February 2009, when I graduated from CASA training. They never bothered to take a new picture when I was hired on as a contractor. I did have a state ID badge, for the month that I worked for the government ... but they took that the second I switched to full time being paid by McCann Law. They dont play.
  6. Bath and Body Works Lip Balm .... the "mentholated" kind. It's infused with mint to help if you dont have any gum/mints. I drink a ton of coffee all day, and I cant be chatting with clients with coffee breath. For days when I DO have gum, there is the MAC Lipglass. I love the shine, but its the kind that your hair gets stuck in .... or maybe thats just me ....
  7. The cheap ELF bronzer that is $1 and is understated and fantastic. Ive used every bronzer from VS to MAC, and the ELF is the first to look healthy not crazy.
  8. 2 (yes, TWO) Cherry Chapsticks. Its winter and its essential.
  9. Dentyene Pure - It has a bit of a liquid filling, and for the coffee reason its an essential in the bag.
  10. Bronzer Brush .... for the times when the mid-day "im tired" pale gets you :D
  11. A few pieces of Laffy Taffy. That has to be self explanatory ..... everyone needs a sweet every once and again!

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