Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Screw him, what about me?

This is me at 35 weeks. 

Also I am (admittedly) rather snippy as of late. This may explain why even complete strangers make a sad face and say “your poor husband”. At first that made me even MORE angry - poor Allen? Is Allen carrying around 6 pounds of baby in 600 degree heat? Does he go to the restroom and feel like a bowling ball is going to fall out his asshole (well, maybe he does, I dont know. But hes not secretive about his bathroom habits, so I assume Id know by now if he did). Does Allen want to cry before he leaves the house because there is just NO WAY to dress up cute when youre the worlds largest warthog?

But I do feel sorry for him as well. There is just no telling what will send me into a pregnant rage lately. For the first 34 weeks I was pretty calm, being far too tired to get into any sort of emotion. Apparently that has flown out the window now - I cant sleep at night no matter how hard I try, so during the day I just walk around ready to ninja out on someone.

The fun is just beginning! Seriously though, when its all said and done, this is by far and away the coolest thing thats ever happened. We love this little boy in there. The other day I was in the tub, and I pulled the plug. Apparently the sudden noise scared the crap out of him because he very distinctly jumped a mile. You go through a day tired and hormonal, but one moment like that can bring you right back to why its the best thing ever (the best thing ever that Ill never do again of course). 

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