Monday, August 15, 2011


Are just what we needed. Spent the weekend back home in Daytona with my mom, Devon and Allen (and John too, but I suppose thats implied). Took a short “babymoon”, although we spent it with family. Mom and I saw two movies (The Help and Glee 3D, which was the awesome-ness and anyone who doubts it has never seen the Glee club perform Born This Way ... in fact I may link it. Youre welcome). We did the beach, didnt cook a damn thing, and slept in every day. It was a general break from the day to day, and a huge reminder of why we moved here. It took us less time to get there and back then it would have taken to drive, park, and check in for one flight. So there you go.

Today we went on the last big shop, which included all the things we need to have on hand after birth. I have no idea why I need calcium and B6 tablets, but they went to school for this shit, so I trust them.

John is forever stretching himself into very creepy positions that cause us all to play the game “what the fuck is baby doing in there?”. Contractions have started - nothing serious, no patterns, but enough to say that something is hopefully going on in there.

Ive got about 15 more days of normal life before I shut myself in the house until I can emerge less one watermelon sized human. Its just too uncomfortable to be alive - however, it is a fantastic 74 degrees outside right now, Allen is on night duty, and I might be the crazy who is on her porch at almost 2 am. But they can laugh all they want, its been months since I could go out my front door without my asshole melting into my socks.

Stop Just stop acting like this isnt the best thing EVER TO HAPPEN.

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