Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day #18: A picture of the town/city you live in.

Of course I live in Fort Lewis, WA.

Oh, excuse me. Its not Joint Base Lewis McChord (because they couldnt come up with anything more creative). Thats a dumb name, so I like to call it "J-Blam!".

I wont post any other pictures, because without a doubt youll have some really poorly dressed military wife start screaming about OPSEC. When, in reality, they dont actually know what it is (having never read it in full) or how to interpret it. So here ... this was already on the internet, and if the terrorist overrun us then you can thank this bitch on Photobucket. 

Living on post really isnt that different from living "out there" (where you dont have to be part of our cult to shop and eat ....). I have a house, we have neighbors (and my husband doesnt work with any of them). Living on post you arent in the Truman Show ... and you arent on Army Wives either.

In fact, the Army very isnt all that different from civilian life until you hit deployment time. Long days at work? Everyone does that (I have friends whose husbands are gone for 15 hours at a time trying to make sales). TDY? (In the real world those are called business trips). My husband gets paid vacation, he gets 4 day weekends, and we have more family benefits than anyone I know.

Granted, most units could give a shit about the wives (or, their own soldiers for that matter). And during deployment, or any training thats over a few weeks, the above doesnt apply. That part is the suck, plain and simple. But still, living "on post" isnt a mythical world - one way or the other. 

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