Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Vacation Hangover, and 2011

I have nothing of note to report, besides how shitty it is to come back after vacation. Im pretty sure vacation is supposed to leave you well rested and super happy to return to your job and/or real life, but sometimes it just makes you realize that youve sort of got the shit end of the stick rocking in real life ...

Okay, this only applies to the weather. But still, its difficult to go from 6 days of sunshine to flood conditions. Washington is lucky its pretty attractive in the summer or no one would sleep with it.

So we saw Mickey, we didnt die on the plane ride either way (though ... it was close. And by close I mean that we didnt get hurt, or even encounter that much turbulence, but every time I get on a plane and it doesnt crash it feels like I have emerged victorious in cheating death once again ....)

In related news,  every time Allen swears is the last time he flies with me .....

We got some sun, spent some time with our (soon to be) teenager (moms of toddlers? Enjoy the time of no testosterone mood swings .....), and got to actually have a conversation without some sort of work related emergency/exhaustion preventing us from doing so.

It took us about 12 hours back at Fort Lewis to decide that 2011 must be the year of the PCS, no matter what the cost, and hopefully we can get the Army to cooperate.

Ill wait while you laugh.

There is genuinely nothing wrong with Fort Lewis. Weve loved our time here (over  3 years now) and Im so grateful that weve had the chance to come here. But weve also spent our fair share of time away from our family and friends ... so now wed love to try a few years within driving distance of those that we love most. Things are great here, but after 3 years we are still sort of confused by the way life is run. So its time to go back to where things make a little more sense, and also where I can get Natural Light in a keg.

The one thing that I am devastated to leave behind is my job. Yesterday I got word of some media attention that may be coming our way for the changes weve made to the BECCA program in Pierce County. I know I have put my blood and sweat into this program, changing not just the thinking of my co-workers but my own philosophy as well. I have to credit my boss and the DAC counsel for not only giving me more control than any paralegal ever, but teaching me everything they know along the way. Its been a fun and challenging time to see a total focus shift in a program that was punishment based, not rehabilitative based. We are working closely with our kids, we are finding root causes and making plans accordingly, we arent throwing kids in detention without  first giving them a chance to solve the problem .... and so much more. Its still in its beginning stages, and its a slow move from years of doing it differently, but its exciting just the same. I can only pray that Ill find a job I like 1/4 as much when we leave.

My boss says that I should at LEAST take the LSAT and then go from there. Who knows ... maybe that law school dream I thought I gave up a long time ago could still come true.

In last news, I did turn 27. Its a pretty boring birthday - but I dont mind this getting older thing. Ive got some wrinkles and I cant drink like I used to, but Im secure, self aware, and (best of all) stable in my finances and my marriage. Also, I make more time for enrichment and less time to entertain others insecurities.

Ladies, dont let anyone tell you that loving yourself is "stuck up" or "rude". You dont have to think you're better than other people, but there is nothing wrong with being your biggest fan. In fact, if you arent, then something is missing. It feels good to not only know who you are, but love who you are.

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