Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day #23: A picture of one of your biggest accomplishments. Day #24: A picture of your car.

Day 23: Here's where Im supposed to put something like "my degree", "my job", or "being a parent". But Im not. Because I see every day what skills it takes to do all of the above. So Im proud of something that is less common, and that is having a good marriage.

(Our last picture before we became Mr. and Mrs.)

Its not a marriage that is so perfect its good: We fight like cats and dogs sometimes. We make mistakes. We want to kick each others asses. 
Its not a marriage that is good on Facebook: If I post something, I mean it. I dont have to exaggerate what it is.
Its not a marriage that is good because I need him, or vice versa: Were both strong, independent people.

It just is good because we work at it every day. We love. We forgive. We appreciate. And genuinely, life is good.

Day 24:

Theres the car. Apparently it looks like its from 1985, but its not :D

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