Sunday, January 30, 2011

I love this ...

Im currently reading "Exploiting My Baby" at the suggestion of a friend, and I am in love with it! Its the first thing that has comforted me since I found out I was pregnant.

There is one part that really stuck out to me.

It talks about "who has a right to complain". I love the analogy that she uses, because its so true. In this life you hear "Well, you dont have any right to miss your husband because hes gone for 12 months and mine is gone for 15 months" or "You have no right to say that you feel sick when youre pregnant because Id kill just to be pregnant" or "You have no right to complain that your feet hurt because some people dont have feet, or food, or a brain ..." ....

You get the idea. So, in essence, who has the "right to complain"? Who these days gets to have any sort of feeling on any subject without someone getting mad or offended by it? It would be much easier if we were all robots (although is it wrong that I KNOW even if I were a robot Id STILL be the mouthy/offensive one????).

Exploiting My Baby - Thoughts On The "Right To Complain":

"Heres the thing about pregnancy complaining : I feel terrible about it. It makes me uncomfortable to bitch about such high-quality, first world problems, especially when conceiving at all is such a blessing.

Later, when I end up talking about the pregnancy publicly, and all the symptoms that go along with it, I get an angry email: ' I used to be a fan of yours, but my husband and I cant conceive and I am sick to death of hearing you complain about being pregnant'

She has a point and now my worst fears about how Im coming across are confirmed, Thats when I ask myself who CAN complain? My girlfriend who is desperate to get married and pushing forty-five up a hill would probably be pissed off at this bitch for bemoaning the fact that she cant conceive when at least she is lucky enough to have found a mate. Someone else would hate the forty-five year old for griping because at least she has a  job, even if she hasnt found a man. Take this thesis to its natural end and there is one guy, living under a bridge with no arms, no job, no parents and maybe one kidney who has the right to complain.

And only that guy."

Its just a fun way of remembering that we shouldnt always be looking at what others have that we dont, and telling them they dont have a right to have natural feelings at stages in their lives.

(This doesnt apply to me, however. I bitch all the time so everyone has a right to tell me to STFU.)


  1. I complain because it's MY experience and I'M having a hard time with it. Though I understand it's a blessing to be on top of the earth and experiencing a certain measure of's my right to complain because it's my life. And if people don't like hearing me [or you] complain, they can stay away from you! lol

  2. I can't wait to get this book!!! And of course I always say, complain away. Sometimes you just have to!