Saturday, January 29, 2011

If nothing else ...

Im grateful for this pregnancy teaching me some things.

Its taught me to let a lot of things go.

Its taught me that if I dont wake up at 6 am and at least eat a few crackers, I will be sick.

Its taught me to remember what is really important - and that sometimes waiting to make more money isnt as smart as just getting to where you need to be.

Its taught me that if I dont get exactly what I want to eat, then nothing else tastes good.

Its taught me that apparently all over the world people spend weekends just lounging in their PJ's --- and thats perfectly acceptable. Who knew? (I guess most people besides me ...)

Its taught me to never, ever Google anything. Because Google = Worry.

Its taught me that I will never learn and always end up googling anyhow.

And worrying. A lot.

Im sick pretty much all the time. I accept it because I know that it means the baby is getting what it needs. But I hope that this isnt a forever sort of feeling because I just want to feel normal again!

1 comment:

  1. Well I hope everything gets better for ya hun and that you always have friends to help ya and a great hubs to help too! :D Congrats again and Best Wishes!