Monday, January 31, 2011

I hate waiting

I am not a good "waiter".

When things come up as possibilities, I want to know NOW. I can (usually) handle not getting what I want ... the hard part is waiting for the answer.

Now we sit on a week of waiting for something that its absolutely time for. Im going to wake up and every day is going to last three weeks until next Monday, when we will possibly know if all our prayers were answered or we have to go back to square one.

Also this week we get to have our first real ultrasound, which is so amazing, and we jet off to Atlanta. All of these things are shit that I love, and yet ... they will still be shadowed by this HUGE "yes" or "no" that changes everything.

I think its time, but Im not God, so I dont know the plan. Weve done all we can do to make it happen - so now we just have to sit and wait.

And .... Im not good at waiting .....

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