Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Things that have made me sick today

PS - All I ever write about is being pregnant. I realize that. You know why? Because this little thing the size of a PIN HEAD is a parasite and takes over your mind and body.

Case in point. Id like to list the things that made me sick today.

For those of you (bitches) that have never experienced the miracle of housing life inside your body, I would imagine that hangover you get when you go out one night and drink all kinds of different alcohol and you mix it with sugary shit and you wake up the next day and everything in your body hurts and if someone says the word "gin" you have to swallow down everything that is threatening to come back up.

That kind of sick.

7 am - Wake up. Sick because I dont have anything in stomach.

7:30 am - Strawberry Jam makes me sick. Eat it anyways.

8 am - Taste of gummy prenatal vitamins make me sick.

10 am - Eat cheese. Feel sick.

1 pm - Take out sandwich. It looks a little soggy. Throw it away because it makes me sick.

3 pm - Go for coffee with co-worker. Get hot chocolate in an attempt to not mutate my baby with caffeine. Have too much sugar in hot chocolate, get sick.

4 pm - Baby wants fried chicken. Badly. Cannot think of anything else.

5 pm - Attempt to eat fried chicken. Get physically ill. Have to lay down and sleep as am so ill.

7 pm - Wake up and scream at Allen because the TV is a fraction louder than I deem acceptable.

8 pm - Wake up and apologize to Allen. Have cranberry sprite. Feel better then immediately feel sick.

8:20 pm - Crave some sort of concoction that is half water and half ice cream. Cant determine which of the two baby is preferring, sit on couch and feel sick.

I am less worried now about how the little leech is developing. I figure anything that is making me this sick must at least still be in there and thriving. We found out Thursday!


  1. "Why am I this thirsty if I drank so much last night."

    Drinking 1. Baby. 0.

    Love you Anne!!!

  2. I'm telling you, PREGGIE Pops! Get some pronto! Or if you've already tried those and they didn't work, try anything ginger....if you can stand that. I discovered when I was pregnant that I HATE ginger! They make something called "ginger trips" (sounds great huh!?) that someone gave me at work to try. They were like a ginger root flavored cough drop, I tolerated them that night as to not throw up on my patient who was delivering her baby. The next day I forced motherhood maternity on Charles to get me some preggie pops!

  3. I was gonna suggest Preggie Pops by Three Lollies as well. I get the Queasy Pops for nausea I got just ginger cause I don't care for sour flavors and in general like ginger I eat raw Ginger (something you might want to try) mostly but they are good for when I'm not home I can toss in my purse. They come in hard candies too so you're not a grown adult walking around sucking on a lollipop but I of course am the adult waling around sucking on a lollipop :) You can find them all over CVS, Target, Amazon, Walgreens etc but all only through online and the shipping is almost as much as the product so that's annoying. If you Google Three Lollies Preggie Pops you can choose where and what flavors.

  4. Hollywood is me Shannon I thought it would show my name!

  5. Girl, sometimes nothing in the world will work, as was the case with me. Find what works for you (if it exists), and screw what everyone else says or thinks. I hope you start feeling better soon though, I know mine has been pure hell, and I mean that nicely. Sort of. No one who hasn't experienced HG (what I had/ve) could even come close to understanding, and I sincerely wish that on NO ONE. I could've made lists with things I could actually keep down, and for days on end it would've consisted of maybe one or two things. I am not sure how I survived the last 6+ months.