Monday, February 14, 2011

Apparently ...

Now is the time where my placenta is starting to go into "upper management", which is why I dont feel like I could fuck someones shit up if only I wasnt so tired and wanted to throw up every 2.5 seconds.

All I can say is that placenta, you get a big fat gold star! Because I may actually start to feel human .... and that means that I can start combing through the house and determining what is Georgia-bound and what isnt ..... I mean, no big deal, we only leave here in two months.

Speaking of, fingers crossed that they can determine baby pinecone's hamburger or hotdog status before we leave ..... Ill around 17 -18 weeks then, so it seems like they should be able to, as long as this little thing is in full cooperation .....

Regardless, besides the worry that the non-sickness causes me (Because I still dont know exactly what is happening in there!), I am a HUGE fan of the placenta. Id like to send it pink puffy heart letters in class and as it if it likes me too.

Laugh if you must, but anything that takes me out of the God awful first trimester and leads me to the promised land of the second is worthy of a  lot of praise.

(Not of eating though. I read about that, and its gross. Do it if you want, but dont invite me for dinner)

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  1. Hahaha mine never got that memo. Jerk. But I do hope that you can find out the gender before you go to Georgia!!

    Oh and I'm totally eating mine. LOL. Well, taking it in pill form anyway, won't be doing the whole soup thing. That's too much for even me.