Sunday, February 20, 2011

PCSing, House Buying, New Life .... oh my!

I must admit Ive been quite Fort Stewart obsessed this weekend.

This comes after I actually had the ability to : Join Kristi and Dave for dinner, go shopping with Tiffy, head to Emma's soccer game/ice cream with Tanya and Tiff, and hang out with Yeci and Cait (while Allen got drunk off, like, 2 beers. Hes a manly man). Sounds like a normal weekend, yes, but after the last five weeks of death and hell, a "normal" weekend was pretty fan-freaking-tastic. Also, spending it with so many of the people Ive come to call family made me realize that were going to a place and starting all over again.

Thankfully we know more people at Stewart than we did at Lewis. In addition, between McDonough being close enough, Devon being there for the summer, and cooking this little pinecone to "well done", I likely wont be worried about a shopping buddy - but I reserve the right to miss my Fort Lewis ladies every once and again!

Its strange to think that in just a few months well be living in our home, getting ready for our baby, with our family close by (my mom will only be two hours away!). I dont know that well LOVE Stewart, but we sure will love doing all of this with family by our side. 


  1. buying a house is a process where you must have patience! we just got one here in wa and we plan on renting it out once we pcs. We also went thru usaa as well. I know depending on how much the house is worth usaa gives u money for using a realtor thru them! good luck!

  2. I'm so happy you are feeling better! :) Both places look beautiful Anne,whichever one you choose will be wonderful!