Saturday, February 26, 2011

Holy shit - were grown ups!

So I guess were buying a house.

The whole process was so much back and forth it began to feel like a game ... but we won the game, and our prize is a 30 year mortgage. Yay us?

The builder settled on 129 with all closing costs included, a 2-10 warranty and matching appliances added before move in.

So now we start paperwork roulette, where we give the same person the same piece of paper 146 times before they recognize that they have it. Or, maybe thats just the army.

So, starting off the morning with fresh blueberry muffins, Beyond Scared Straight, and a lot of talk of things to come .... its all very exciting, but why does buying a home feel so much more grownup than having a baby?

Also .... is anyone else creeped out by my 3D baby widget on the side? I want him to do something besides float there in a lazy manner. Do jazz hands baby!

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  1. Congratulations on the house,that's so exciting:)