Monday, June 6, 2011


Maybe I shouldnt have been so anti having a girl. I realize now, at my 15th consecutive Xmen related television viewing, that my 12 year old girl would be watching something like Uptown Girls with me. And enjoying it. Instead, Ive signed myself up for 18 more years of X men, belching, and lack of basic table manners.

But - neither of them can get knocked up. So - win.

Its nice to see how close Allen and I have gotten with this pregnancy. I had some major fears about it, as Ive heard the exact opposite about this time in our lives. But - so far so good. The next challenge will be when the baby is born. Im SURE Ill be a happy fucking cup of apples to be around then. But, as much as I miss him right now, its nice to know that we are in a REALLY good place right now.

I had a lot more to say but someone started to describe the worlds most perfect doughnut, with chocolate icing and custard filling. Of all the times for ALlen to be gone, now is not it.

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