Thursday, June 9, 2011

Whoo - way to go Daddy!

Instead of blogging about the fucking day from hell yesterday (took the kiddos to the beach, three jellyfish stings ensued, the Mercedes blew a radiator hose on the way home stranding us in Savannah, had to ride with Jethro, the tow truck driver from hell ALL the way back to Ludowici .... ect ....) Ill say that Allen got to call from the field to let me know that on this exercise he has gotten his official board recommendation! Hes loves the guys in his shop, and they all get along really well. They said they wanted to wait 90 days before they sent him to the board, but it looks like it might come even sooner than that.

Of course, promotion depends on points, board times, ect - so, I wouldnt come out and say it to everyone. But I am SO proud of him for putting his ass to the grindstone and likely making his 6 in under 5 years. Tht will mean lots of studying around the Cone household, but I know he can do it.

And - lets be real - the extra money doesnt hurt. At Stewart, your big BAH jump is from E-5 to E-6 (its E-4 to E-5 at Lewis). That makes a difference when were off post with a fixed mortgage! It would be nice to bulk up our savings, since the Mercedes is going to need some fixing. THank God for a husband who is good under the hood - also, our neighbors are really great and they looked at it yesterday. Allen (his name is Allen too) said he and MY Allen can fix it up no problem. And Im sure theyll love getting dirty and grunting as well.

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