Friday, June 24, 2011

The more knocked up I get, the less funny I am ...

I have noticed a rapid decline in my humor over the last few weeks.

Im not sure what to chalk that up to. Nothing is really wrong, aside from the fact that I was once so busy that it was easy to be funny. 5 minutes of funny is a lot less work than all fucking day funny. And I would write a few blog posts about television, but I could never do it better than Patrick Varone over at ..... so why bother?

Here we are ... 28 weeks (this was actually 27 and some change, but whatever).

Although Ive had one more scare since the last time, its not really a scare anymore. Once this kid actually decides to come Im going to birth him in the toilet because Im so used to brushing off anything that isnt a full blown water breaking exorcist scene. Its more - oh hi, theres some blood. Feet up, glass of water, check back later. If contractions arent painful, we dont go to Labor and Delivery.

Speaking of which, Im hoping we get the all clear for the birth center. We really wont know for sure until a few weeks before delivery (everything has to come back damn near perfect - baby not breech, placenta in right place, ect). Because I really hate hospitals, and would love to avoid being in one at all costs. If I have to try to labor strapped to a bed and an IV, Im going to be one pissed off pregnant woman.

But anyways. The point of this post (although it took a round about route) was to say that, no matter what happens, Im grateful. Im grateful for this little miracle baby, the one we were told we would never have. There have been hiccups on this road no doubt. But this week, when the girl who was due on the exact same day as me, delivered her baby still, I was reminded that all the hard is worth it. All the things that Im not sure of, that scare me, that make me wonder if were ready for this - all totally worthwhile. Because, when its all said and done, the alternative to having these things is to NOT. And that is the worst thing I can imagine.

So kick mommys ass John. I love you anyhow. 

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