Sunday, June 12, 2011

Officially ...

Not making the cut.

Lots of reasons why here:

Mostly, I just cant bear to put our baby through something that he doesnt need .... especially since its not needed. ESPECIALLY after weve done so much to have a natural pregnancy and birth. Seems silly to go through all that and then let them cleave his weenie.

Also, if we had a baby girl, and they said “Were going to cut her labia, its cleaner that way” Id punch the doctor. Why should it be any different for our boy?

So congrats Junior. Mommy left you intact. However, Im not such an activist that I want to wear hats and shirts telling people what they should do with their kids winkies. Id prefer to take the “to each their own approach” on this one.

1 comment:

  1. if karina had been a boy we werent going to cut either.
    none of the men in either of our families is, and they have all survived, very happily.
    also the whole argument of "its cleaner to cut" is very wrong. do you think its hard to get a boy to play with his weiner in the shower? it is not.
    congrats one less thing to clean when he's born!