Thursday, June 30, 2011

This is my 29 week pregnancy picture:

Im the fat one.

I swear last week I was totally cute and pregnant. This week we did our maternity photos .... and there was a seacow in between Allen and Devon.

At first I was puzzled. Why is that manatee on land, and why is it in my photos? Then, the reality set in. Sometime in between last week and this one I have gone from totally cute and knocked to the up to mad cow incubating sea monster. I really thought I had until 34 weeks before I started to resemble the marshmallow man, but apparently ..... Im advanced

So, Ive learned a few things this week. A) dont wear white in your maternity photos, as it never works out well B) the mirror in my bathroom is a GOSH DAMN LIAR, and C) anyone who says that pregnancy is beautiful is apparently into bestiality.

With sea cows. 

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